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Mulching borders

Mulching borders Adding a mulch to your garden is hugely beneficial. I would suggest doing this twice a year where possible. Firstly in the Spring, to help lock moisture into the ground, which in turn should mean less watering if the soil starts to get a bit dry, and...

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Leaf clearance makes leaf mould

Leaf clearance seems to be one of those jobs that is endless. But if you are lucky enough to house a large tree in your garden the fall of leaves is stunning. The variety of colours, shapes and sizes are truly beautiful. Personally, I like seeing a carpet of leaves...

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Autumn Lawn care

A good quality Autumn lawn fertiliser is the perfect way to ensure your lawn is prepared for the colder winter months ahead. It should contain a slow release fertiliser so that you don't get a surge in grass growth. It will also have a greening effect on the grass...

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The weird and wonderful

Nothing surprises me more than nature. And yet, as soon as we see something we just accept it, because its nature. A few weeks ago, whilst working near some English Oak trees I noticed a woody material had fallen to the ground around the base of the tree. It was too...

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Autumn leaves

The shortening days, cooler temperatures and falling leaves, signal the start of Autumn. Not my favourite time of year but nonetheless, a great time to reflect on the year so far. Trees lose their leaves to preserve energy, they draw energy from the leaves, which then...

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I will admit to being a grass geek. Its what I do. The simple things in life! And that's the view I take on gardening. It should not be made complicated. For the grass plant to be healthy it needs: soil, water, sunlight, air, nutrition and pruning. Cultural practices...

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