I will admit to being a grass geek. Its what I do.The simple things in life! And that’s the view I take on gardening.

For the grass plant to be healthy it needs: soil, water, sunlight, air, nutrition and pruning. Cultural practices such as scarification will help with the air part.

With these 6 ingredients it is highly likely you will have a very good lawn surface.

The more you mow the grass the better it will be. For example: the tennis courts at Wimbledon are mowed 5/6 times a week for most of the year, the courts are also sowed with 100% perennial ryegrass (the same grass in most UK lawns)

Scarifying reduces thatch, moss, improves air flow and helps to stand the grass upright for a healthy, thick lawn surface.

September and October are the perfect times to scarify and Its not as expensive as you think, get in touch with Gloucestershire Gardens for a free quotation.

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