What to do with dead leaves in garden?

Leaf clearance seems to be one of those jobs that is endless. But if you are lucky enough to house a large tree in your garden the fall of leaves is stunning. The variety of colours, shapes and sizes are truly beautiful.

Personally, I like seeing a carpet of leaves underneath a tree, however its often not practical and can damage lawns, plants and walkways if left for a long time.

If you collect the leaves, say every 4 or 5 days, and place in a black bin bag, it will make the a superb leaf mould which can be added to borders, composts or use as a mulch around trees and shrubs. I store mine at the side of the shed and leave them to rot down for around 18 months. The more bags the better and if you do this on a yearly basis you will have a constant supply of beautiful leaf mould.

Happy picking now you know what to do with dead leaves in your garden

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