When to mulch borders and what to mulch borders with

Adding a mulch to your garden is hugely beneficial. I would suggest doing this twice a year where possible.

Firstly in the Spring, to help lock moisture into the ground, which in turn should mean less watering if the soil starts to get a bit dry, and to help suppress weeds, and secondly in Autumn, after cutting back perennials, planting is complete and you have weeded the borders.

I like to use biodegradable mulches such as Mushroom compost (for neutral soils) fine composted bark, or even better, a garden compost.

This year I have been using a product from Melcourt, which is a local business based in Tetbury. They do a whole range of stuff but I have used the fine composted bark this year with great results.

When applying the mulch its best to lay it as thick as possible to get the best results.

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