How to apply autumn lawn feed

A good quality Autumn lawn fertiliser is the perfect way to ensure your lawn is prepared for the colder winter months ahead.

It should contain a slow release fertiliser so that you don’t get a surge in grass growth. It will also have a greening effect on the grass plant and reduce the chances of diseases and the formation of moss.

Every fertiliser is (or should be) made up of, as a minimum the macro nutrients Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulphur. Some premium products will also contain some micronutrients.

The packaging will state NPK and a series of numbers.

Typically, when buying an Autumn feed, I would look for an analysis of 10-5-10 +mg0 (magnesium).

Supermarkets and garden centers do sell Autumn feeds, but I would strongly suggest buying a premium product. I am happy to advise and or recommend a list of suitable products.

By early November the chances are that the grass will only 1 or 2 more cuts before Christmas and that allows plenty of time to rake up all those leaves!!!

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