Nothing surprises me more than nature. And yet, as soon as we see something we just accept it, because its nature.

A few weeks ago, whilst working near some English Oak trees I noticed a woody material had fallen to the ground around the base of the tree. It was too early for oaks so took a closer look into the tree and found these..

Knopper Galls

They grow as a distortion on growing acorns, they are caused by gall wasps, which lay eggs in the buds. At first it was considered a threat to our native species but it is now deemed not necessary to control them.

The knopper galls will eventually fall off, and the level of attack varies year on year.

Fun for the kids…….. or yourself if you are like me.

Pick a fallen pine cone and place half of it beneath some soil, in a pot.Water daily and within a few months you will have a mini pine tree. 🙂