Why do trees lose their leaves?

The shortening days, cooler temperatures and falling leaves, signal the start of Autumn. Not my favourite time of year but nonetheless, a great time to reflect on the year so far.

Trees lose their leaves to preserve energy, they draw energy from the leaves, which then dry up and fall to the ground.

The rich range of colours and how they form are displayed below

Make sure you collect all the leaves that are shed in your garden as they make great leaf mould. Rake them up and place in a black bag and store for around 18 months. The leaf mould can then be added to beds and borders.

Autumn is arguably our busiest time, leaves are falling, the grass is growing strong, weeds are forming in abundance, deadheading and a final shaping of hedges/shrubs too.

I tell myself that after this busy time I will get to put my feet up, with a young family and garden myself Its never normally the case. I have never been one to sit down for long anyway!

If you need help cleaning your leaves give us a call for a competitive quote.